Changing The Odds

Telos Asset Management Company is an independent wealth management firm that  focuses on the factors that change the odds of winning.

We uniquely combine our expertise in tax, asset management and financial planning to create the optimal plan that limits your lifetime tax liability, positions you with the right mix of investments, and empowers you to meet your long-term goals.

Think Differently

When it comes to retirement planning, most people are focused on their annual savings, the return on their investments, and their target retirement date. But these are not the only factors that determine whether or not you reach your desired destination.  

When the federal government has the potential to take 25% to 43% of your retirement income, there are other factors that will determine the probability of you winning the retirement game. Having a plan that proactively addresses this reality can not only change the probability of your success, it could be the difference between uncertainty and freedom from financial worries.


With the economic outlook constantly changing, and Congress enacting bills like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the recently enacted Secure Act, Telos Asset Management’s unique blend of expertise in tax, retirement planning and wealth management can be a critical factor in helping you reach your long-term goals.


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has made tax planning more critical than ever, and the recently enacted Secure Act has created challenges for most financial plans that were put in place prior to January of 2020. Understanding how these legislative acts impact you and knowing what actions to take as a result can be critical to the success of your retirement goals.


Financial planning is the process of looking at your short and long-term goals, assessing the resources available to help you accomplish those goals, addressing the barriers that may prevent you from achieving those goals, and then building a plan to make it happen. Click here for more information on our comprehensive financial planning process.


If you are a small-business owner, your financial situation is more complex than the average person. And with that complexity comes additional opportunity. Your potential to create wealth is much higher, and your potential to destroy wealth is also higher. Having a partner who understands your complexities and your opportunities can impact your long-term success.

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